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RENT A SLINGSHOT TODAY and experience Miami in a whole new way!

Feel, breathe and smell Miami's tropical climate get a real adrenaline rush at the same time! Slingshots are “The Ultimate Joyride”. Open exposed views everywhere you drive. It is a truly unique way to experience South Florida.

These Slingshots are ready to take you to some of the most popular sites in Miami. From secluded beaches to the most popular landmarks, our tours let you do more than just visit, in a Slingshot, you are truly in Miami, in the open air. The Polaris Slingshot is perfect for touring South Florida, it’s an open air ride, giving you 360 degree views and an exhilarating way to see the sights of Miami.

How Do I Rent One?!?

Guests must be at least 21 years old to rent. All participants must know how to drive a manual transmission. You can pick up from our location or we can deliver to you!

Call Us for Rates & Specials 305-796-0107